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Self Portrait - Day 1 (Bodypart)

a3eff02fI picked my eye as the bodypart to focus on because when I am taking photos of other people their eyes are what I focus on completely.  I also like that my eyes are blue. They are the windows to the soul, right?


Self Portrait - Day 2 (the object)


For this challenge I chose my cup of coffee that I drink first thing in the morning.  It makes me so happy when I drink it and after I've sat still and savored it I feel ready for whatever the day may bring.


Day 3 - Peekaboo

30f6cfa4I knew I wanted to do something with a shear white fabric for this challenge.  I used the curtains in my dining room.  I wrapped them all around me and draped it over parts of the camera.  It was interesting to see the results.  


Day 4 - Mirror 


This challenge was confusing for me.  It took me a while to think through the lighting, focus, etc.  I didn't know how to make it interesting when I was taking a photo of the back of myself.


Day 5: Book


I chose the book "Beloved" by Toni Morrison for this challenge.  I figured whatever word I landed on would be a good one with her literary talent.  I opened to the word "HAIR".  I wanted to do a flat lay picture where I am floating in a sea of hair.  I didn't do quite what I was imagining in my head, but it was interesting to try.


Day 6: David Hockney inspired


It was interesting to learn about a new photographer and their style.  I didn't know how to assess for myself whether I liked or disliked it.  I didn't have a clear vision of what I was trying to say, but it was fun to explore using Canva and try something new.








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