Self Portrait Attempts

Self Portrait Attempts - student project

This was the first time I've ever seriously tried to capture facial features, so I figured if I was going to botch it - might as well be my own face?

Below are the sketches I did following along with the lesson, as well as a couple of sketches of myself using old photos as reference.

Self Portrait Attempts - image 1 - student project

Self Portrait Attempts - image 2 - student project   Self Portrait Attempts - image 3 - student project

Self Portrait Attempts - image 4 - student project Self Portrait Attempts - image 5 - student project

I found it really useful to add reference lines onto my reference photos so that I could try to keep in step with the proportions while sketching. I was a bit too timid to try adding my glasses into my sketches, but I feel like this was a decent first attempt. 

I'd love any feedback or suggestions anyone has! 

Many thanks,