Self Love First

Self Love First - student project

My core theme of my YouTube channel is to help others put self-love first as I continue to do so in my own life.

In addition to self-love, I talk about personal development, intentional lifestyle design, mental health, and productivity in my videos.

Right now, my biggest insecurity is that my videos are boring, so I am working on my storytelling– trying out new techniques that will both serve the stories I'm telling as well as keep the viewer engaged. This also means taking more time in pre-production.

In my upcoming videos, I'm thinking about experimenting with non-linear storytelling by using different editing techniques like cross-cutting / intercutting. I've also already started being more intentional with my music choice. 

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PS Thank you Nathaniel for this course! It definitely gave me more to think about as I continue to adjust and iterate in my own creative process.