Self Driving Van (project 1)

1. Targeted industry:  Religious Institutions; specially churches, hospitals, and schools

2. Thoughts on why self driving cars would solve the tricky problem for this business?


- All of the targets has the reassurance that the self driving can wouldn't get distracted as a driver

- replace costly means of transportation and paid staff to operate the vehicles.  

transport comfortably and with a more smoother ride on the road than bus.

- there are more convenient parking locations for vans vs buses. 

- All streets including side streets, narrow streets, one way streets, and alleyways are more accessible to vans than buses.

- Can transport multiple non driving individuals regardless of age.

- Can transport/shuttle whole families to one location to another (for instance from hospital

- leg room for extended, elevated limbs with or without casts

- cargo room for personal/carry along medical equipment

- accommodating to small groups of students to travel (as example pep squad, debate clubs)

- schools can send volunteers and chaperones along with the van.

-in other wise expensive parking areas urban areas vans make participating at various location hassle free

- each entity can get more exposure and new participants to attend their events without finding a church in charge because they were not