Self Discovery

Self Discovery - student project

I completed this class on the final day of the workshop. I shared my pie chart & three of the prompts in full. The 3 that I didn't share below can be see peeking out in the cover image. I could see myself doing some of these prompts again in the future as needed.  


Brain Dump. This wasn't easy for me. I imagine if I had done some stream of conscious writing on the topic before creating this cluster of colorful thoughts, it may have been easier. I majorly lost focus by the 4th color pen. I picked up a different color and started writing about the exercise itself. Then the last two colors I just wrote whatever I wanted. Eventually, I decided to doodle in the rest of the spaces. I at least like how colorful of a mess it is.  

Self Discovery - image 1 - student project

Write from a Quote you LOVE...

Self Discovery - image 2 - student project

What brings me JOY!

It was interesting to look at my Pie Chart after completing this prompt. I noticed most of my day is already filled with moments of JOY!!!

Self Discovery - image 3 - student project

I haven't been working for quite awhile now due to 2020 events & circumstances. Everyday is up to whatever I want to make of it. I do schedule things occasionally but I mostly have "free" time. I was met with resistance at first to create this pie chart because I don't have any real structure to my days. I was able to throw this together eventually but it's a very loose run through a typical day as I tend to jump from one thing to the next as I feel inspired. I didn't steal any of my time back from this chart, as I already give myself time to recharge when needed. Though, I did spend some time looking at how I use the internet and screen-time in general. This exercise motivated me to add some time limits to social media apps and other such things. 

Self Discovery - image 4 - student project