Self Discovery Through 14 Day Drawing Challenge

Self Discovery Through 14 Day Drawing Challenge - student project

I am definitely discovering consistency is not my forte. I can draw several drawings in one day and then several days not draw at all.

Maybe because I have kids, a creative business and now this global pandemic that keeps me more with the eyes on the news.


I draw on the back of old bills that I keep for such purposes. Yes I'm a paper lover and I hate to waste any. Plus, this relieves some stress when drawing. I write all my comments directly on the paper so I don't forget.


Self Discovery Through 14 Day Drawing Challenge - image 1 - student project

Day 1: My coffee cup. Drawing tool: a regular ball point pen.

Conclusions: I am happy that I started. I discover that my lack of confidence is the real reason why I don't draw more often. 10 minutes is really quick and I definitely have that time in the day. Using a simple ballpoint pen makes it so much easier. I could actually do this every day.

Time limit does make me nervous though so I see improvement in my second cup, but the third shows the lack of confidence.

Self Discovery Through 14 Day Drawing Challenge - image 2 - student project

Day 2: Squash.  Drawing tool: gel pen.

Conclusions: I have mixed feelings about the result. Hard to rate it. Although they do look like the subject, the sketchy look and lack of perfection buggs me. Happy that I noticed and included the shadows on the table. Like the flow of the gel pen, but prefer the ball point for the sketchier lines. Just like with painting once I start, I want to go ahead and do more drawings so working in small increments of time does not really suit my personality. The problem is when I do get in "the zone" it's hard to stop in the detriment of client and household work, so I'm in constant struggle. When I have client work going on I don't paint so I don't paint for days on end. Then I take 1 ore more days  to paint if I can.


Finished project:

Self Discovery Through 14 Day Drawing Challenge - image 3 - student project

Apparently my son loves these types of challenges (he also did Inktober 2019) and with this pandemic situation it was such a pleasant experience to draw together and set up an exhibition. Then each of us chose their preferred drawing from the others. 

Self Discovery Through 14 Day Drawing Challenge - image 4 - student project

Lessons leaned:

1. I don't like rushing things (not something I wasn't aware of). Only I ask myself if I should continue doing these time limited drawings or do them at my own pace. Any opinions?

2. I missed my pastels, but although they were a lot of fun I think they are too messy to use in our small apartment with 2 kids.

3. I should draw more.

4. Loved drawing with color pencil.

5. I should do more 14 day projects.

Meda Halmaciu
Artist and invitation designer @invitatiicouture