Self Care PSA

Self Care PSA - student project

Self Care PSA - image 1 - student project

Lately, I've been having a hard time getting the motivation to get stuff done between current events and some personal things that are going on in my life but for the last several days, I've been trying to get things back into gear by working on this piece.

Like Emma said - it's all too easy to get stuck in the cycle of comparing your progress and work to that of others and feel inadequate. In the case of current events, I've been beating myself up because I'd compare how productive I'm being at home to other creatives and it would make me feel guilty whenever I had a day where I just wanted to rest and recharge.

After doing some soul-searching, I made this piece for fun to remind myself and other people that you're aren't defined by your productivity or comparison to others and that it's important to listen to yourself when you feel the need to step back and take care of yourself and your mental health... ESPECIALLY in times like these. I also thought this piece and the ideas behind it were very fitting to share considering the topics of this class and Emma's helpful tips to confront your own perfectionism and inner-critic.

Now to tackle my fear of self-promotion, if you guys like this piece and want to check out some more of my work, you guys are more than welcome to check out my website! I've learned a lot of the skills I have from Skillshare and I'm thankful for awesome teachers like Emma who help teach us not only how to hone in on our interests and practical skills but also how to build a lifestyle and mindset that will help you become successful on your own terms. I hope you guys are staying safe!