Marc "Selec" Zimmermann

DJ/Radio Host/Teacher for DJing & Music Production



Selec's preset for most purposes

This is my preset for most situations:

The tracks in the first picture:

The channels at the left hand side are "reference" (for reference music), "stems" (I use that when I create remixes to save original material) and a group containing ghost notes ("ghost kick") and the same signal of kick and snare. I need the kick and snare channel signal for sidechaining with a special compressor.

The next group contains preconfigured vocal channels, one for lead vocals, one for doubles and one for snippets.

The drum submix is the most tricky part of my preset. It's a group: The midi channel contains several drum patterns for different musical genres and a midi plugin for a step sequencer. The midi signal gets routed into the Battery track (my favorite sampler for drum kits). The Battery itself contains 4 groups of samples that get routed into the for following tracks (kicks, snares, hihats and misc). This allows me to treat the sample group in Ableton if I want to use fx that are not included in the Battery plugin. A this point, not a single sample is loaded into the sampler.

The remaining tracks are groups containing a midi channel each, one for bass, melodic content, atmo and transition sounds. 

To use this preset, I just need to load samples and synth plugins and after a finger snap I'm good to go!

If you like to understand more about the color code and decisions, just take a look at the class videos! ;)


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