Suzy Smith

Nay saying ain't no fun.



Seize all of your precious seconds

I have a slight obsession with time and how people choose to spend theirs while on this earth. This piece will reflect the great potential that people are capable of, and that there is no time to waste these precious seconds when you can do so much good. Also, it takes a jab at those who have decided to spend their lives hating and oppressing people, and why wasting your life hurts those around you as well as yourself. 

For my vignette, I'll juxtapose all scenes of those necessary, time-wasting and seemingly mundane activities with images and scenes of the most incredible and special moments of life. That will lead into images contrasting the good and the bad of life, those milestone moments and times that are equally intense, but only in their sadness and disappointment. I want viewers to reflect on the power they have with their impactful life. 

Treatment & Script

Visual Treatment: Split screen: Overhead shot of a traffic-packed freeway |woman picking children up from school. 

Split screen: Old man sitting on a porch alone | a young woman blowing out the birthday candles at a party.                                                                   

VO: This is your life.                            

Split screen: Middle-aged woman waiting impateintly in a  waiting room | baby being born. 

Split screen: Children and happy families at kindergarten graduation | Overhead shot of a prison yard. 

VO: You only have one chance.       

VO: You have the opportunity to impact so many. 

Split screen: Photo of Barack Obama | Photo of the Columbine shooters

10 seconds: Quickly flash photos of greatness progress and photos of deep sadness. The civil rights movement in the U.S. | the Ku Klux Klan; courtroom shots of Board vs. Brown | hateful protests at the first integrated schools in the South; Slobodan Milosevic | first responders helping those displaced by the  genocide; A homosexual couple kissing at their wedding | anti-gay protests at a pride parade. 

VO: What will you do with the precious seconds that are your life?            

A baby playing with building blocks, students in class, younger man concentrating at desk computer, a man painting outside, a mother teaching her daughter how to cook, people protesting at the a Capitol building. 

Close-up: Baby opening eyes. 

Close-up: Older woman closing her eyes.


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