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Alex Klein

Educator at lululemon athletica Kenwood



Seize The Day

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Things that stood out to me:

My family members and friends all feel that they appreciate me for my kindness, sweetness & gentelness.

They feel that I should continue to follow my current passions (healthy lifestyle, yoga, taking photos,  goal setting, blogging, developing myself/others) because that is what inspires me to help others & live my best life.

Everyone wishes that I would be more confident in all aspects of my life. My body, my intelligence & my talents, my gut feelings.


WANTS: Overall health, beautiful scenery, work/life balance, family, support, teamwork, loving relationships, yoga, meditation, inspiration, blogging, farmers markets, ocean, exploring the world, smiles & laughs, healthy/loving marriage.

I DO NOT WANT: fast paced, competitive atmosphere, stress, anxiety, fear, mediocracy, judgement, to settle, secrets, desk job, a self centered partner, cold weather


my new v i s i o n

It’s 2023 and I’m looking out at the water during my favorite part of the day, sunset, & reflecting on how blessed I am. I am a loving wife, mother, daughter, sister & friend. I feel peace, love and gratitude every single morning when I wake up to the soft, natural sunlight in my gorgeous, inviting bedroom. My family means the absolute world to me. My husband is someone who not only lifts me up and makes me laugh, but also challenges me to be the best person that I can be every single day. We are a true team: communicating effectively, loving each other passionately and unconditionally, showing our appreciation for each other & giving each other our own space to pursue our passions, mine being blogging on Honestly Simple. We instill the importance of a healthy mind & body to our twins: having a family & individual goal boards displayed in our kitchen, spending our weekend afternoons outside doing yoga/riding bikes/water sports together & having family game/movie nights. Our home is something that my husband and I have put a lot of thought and creativity into. We renovated a house that’s within walking distance to the beach and we completely made it our own using as many green products & appliances as we could—original hardwood flooring, exposed brick, a modern/clean/open kitchen and unique art pieces on the walls mixed in with photographs that I have taken of the family. We also take one family vacation a year to someplace new & my husband and I also take a vacation together once a year to get quality time together, have fun and truly relax. Showing our children different cultures and exposing them to the world is something that we value.

I am a creator, a teacher and a helper. I am in an area role for lululemon athletica focusing on people development and community relationships. I travel to different stores one week out of the month to train store managers & leadership teams on effective communication, recruiting, developing a powerful vision, living out their goals and how to spread that to their community through their events and their everyday floor shifts. I enjoy building and nurturing those relationships that I have with my teammates, members of other teams that I interact with & people out in the community. I truly love all aspects of my job: the culture, living the lifestyle & how I never stop learning and developing myself.

I am healthy, active & my smile lights up a room. I love to cook my family healthy, homemade, organic meals and juice 4 times a week. We take a trip to a farmers market at least once a week to support our local farmers & vendors. Yoga is very much apart of my life and getting in at least 4 sweats a week in with my family, teammates & friends is something that I make time for and is completely doable with my work/life balance.

I am radiant. I feel complete. I am my true, authentic self.




  • I take a photography class to improve my photos on Honestly Simple and have 20,000 page views by Dec 2013
  • I travel to London & Paris with my best friend for the trip of a lifetime by Sept 2013
  • I attend Wanderlust with some of my lemons on lululemon athletica's dime by July 2014
  • I recognize & shift myself from below the line to above the line in 60 seconds by October 2013
  • 5:

  • I travel to one new place a year with my loved ones: Napa Valley, Greece, Italy, South Africa, Anguilla by December 2018
  • I save $50,000 in the bank for a down payment for my future house & travel expenses
  • I attend eco-fashion week & a bloggers conference by July 2018
  • I attend 2 communication workshops with my significant other by August 2018
  • 10:

  • I custom build/renovate my family's first home within walking distance to the ocean using eco-friendly materials by June 2020
  • My blog, Honestly Simple, has 2,500 followers and I am sponsored by a healthy/organic company by July 2023
  • I attend one comminication workshop/year with my family by June 2023
  • Career


  • I am in a leadership role at lululemon athletica Kenwood by July 2013
  • I goal coach 50 people in the community through workshops & one on ones by December 2013
  • I play a key role in planning 3 community events: 1st birthday, Ambassadors AIT & R2Y by October 2013
  • I am ready to take on and lead the community team at lululemon athletica KTC by Sept 2013
  • 5:

  • I am a SM for lululemon athletica in Cincinnati or Southern California by Oct 2016
  • I am a goal coach, motivator & community event guru for the region. I am a facilitator for FARM training in the region by August 2016
  • 10:

  • I am an area manager for lululemon athletica, working mostly from home and having a wonderful work/life balance in Cincinnati or Southern California
  • I am making $150,000/year
  • Health


  • I sweat 4x/wk, do yoga 2x/wk and can hold a headstand & crow pose for 10 seconds by July 2013
  • I complete a Pure Barre challenge by August 2013
  • I juice with my own juicer 3x/wk & have 5 recipes to share by July 2013
  • 5:

  • I have 50 healthy, organic recipies on Honestly Simple by August 2018
  • I get a sweat in with my significant other once a week by May 2018
  • I can hold the following yoga inversions: scorpion, plow, forearm stand, side crow by June 2018
  • 10:

  • I go to a farmers market once a week to shop for local/organic food for my family & have homemade meals at least 5x/week by May 2023
  • I exercise with my family on the weekends by taking bike rides, hikes & practicing yoga by May 2023
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