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Seinfeld - "The Pothole"

Like every episode of Seinfeld, "The Pothole" has several very funny story lines mashed into one episode. 

- Jerry drops his girlfriend's tooth brush into the toilet. She then brushes her teeth with it before Jerry can tell her

- Kramer adopts part of the highway and pretty much does whatever he wants with it

- Elaine  pretends a janitors closet is her appartment in order to get flounder from a chinese restaurant that doesnt deliver to her appartment.

- George leaps over a pothole and looses his keys, including his talking Phil Rizzuto keychain. The next day the pothole is filled and has to convice a highway crew to let him use their jackhammer to get the keys out of the pothole. 

Between the Minimalist and Maximalist approach, I think I tend to learn more towards maximalist. Sometimes that can get me into trouble, but I think that a Seinfeld episode could lend itself well to that approach because of four different story lines. 

I usually spend and around an hour or so in an actual sketchbook. I need that step to get really basic ideas down, but I tend to just hash most of my work out straight in an illustrator file. I guess thats not the "right" way to do it, but it works for me. 

Here are my super rough initial sketches. Im not too organized, so I tend to just draw on whatever is handy.

Since a lot of rough ideas take place in Illustrator, I thought I would share a screenshot of my chaotic AI file. Everything is really rough and Im just getting basic ideas put down. Im starting to play around with colors, but I still have a long way to go with that. Ill probably end up having a couple of different files with the same elements, but different arrangements.


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