Seeking expertise to become a creative samurai (or director)

This is one among many emails I plan to send out to initiate informational interviews with creatives that I have met and hope to meet. Short term, my goal is to learn some tips and tricks to implement into my current role. Long term, I would like to nurture these relationships and learn from the source how they became a creative director. Perhaps I can follow in their footsteps...

Hey Ben,

I realized after several months of sitting on my butt and twiddling my thumbs (or planning my wedding and moving to Lake Mary) it was about time to reconnect with you since we first met after the "Establishing Trust Online" AIGA event. The last time we spoke you mentioned you had a wedding coming up, too. How many people have asked how it feels to be married? I still hear that question every day. :)

Now that the madness has subsided from personal life events, I've been dedicating more time to developing and pursuing my career goals. I am on a fact-finding mission to discover the stories, leadership styles, and workflow examples from successful creatives such as yourself.

I believe I could learn a lot from your insights and journey with launching Laughing Samurai if you're open to sharing them and if there's anything I can do for you in return, I'm there!

Would you like to get together for lunch sometime to talk shop? Sushi perhaps?




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