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Seeking a letter for the Shell Seekers

11.8.13 I've been reading this book for months, and I'm just a handful of pages from the end…I read a couple pages a night because I just don't want it to be over!

Penelope (P) is at the heart of this book—all the relationships center around or radiate out from who she is, wishes she was, or had been in the past. 

P is the focus. P is the heart. P is the tie that binds. 

Penelope creates new connections, she is the one everyone loves or wishes she loved more. She is practical, worldy, emotive, strong, and balanced. The Shell Seekers centers around Penelope, literally (as she is the owner of her father's painting with this name) and metaphorically (as others seek in her the joy of the sea or the money to be gained from the work of art).

11.7.13 Right around the time when I was finishing up two other books, my mother-in-law handed me a hardcover copy of The Shell Seekers, telling me that it was "Oh so good" and one of those books that everyone remembers reading when it first came out (1987). I was longing to read a character novel, nothing too heady and something that I could lose myself in. This was the book.


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