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Natasha Wheeler

Graphic Designer



Seek & Destroy Apparel

I’ve been helping a friend of mine with designing a CrossFit/fitness related apparel brand. I hope to explore all ideas for a tag, hang tag, sewn tag, and even screen printed to the inside of the tee. I have to admit, we are still feeling our way through what we want the Seek and Destroy brand to be. As of right now I describe it as cheeky-badassery.  

The current logo consists of two variations of the full version and a monogram. If over the course of this label exploration I develop a way to re-work the logos to have more of the heritage feel, that will be a total bonus.

Below are examples of the current logo variations.

I would like to build more heritage around the brand. CrossFit may be a relatively new fitness craze, but the techniques and methods are some of the oldest. Our slogan of sorts is ‘Get comfortable being uncomfortable,’ so I would like the branding to feel like it’s gotten it’s ass kicked a little. Fallen in the dirt, callused, breaking a sweat and pushing limits. Because of exercise terms like, snatch, burpee..... we can’t help but not take any of it too seriously.

Again, I’m not sure at this time of the specific solution I want to explore as far as a tag or label, so I’ve tried to collect a variety. We screen print everything ourselves, so I would like to keep the label simple enough to work effectively with one color.



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