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Anna Grace

Dancing in the Rain



Seeing Light with your Heart...

Step 3

Dear Bryn, I would like to thank you for this course and also for this challenge. I do not think I would have had the motivation to work so hard on it and actually finish it without all the extra motivation from you and all the participants! ( I am a serial quitter!)

Dear All, I really loved seeing everyone's work and just makes me want to practice more!!! Thank you for sharing your inspiration!


This project actually grew into something really fun for me - I decided to make lots of cards for our dinner table and every few days place a new card with a quote in the card holder... Somethething ispirational, something positive!

It could also make a fabulous gift presented with the holder in a pretty box or just tied with a ribbon... 30-days of Inspiration in a box?

Wow! What a challenge. Even dawing straight lines was daunting! Reminded me how I struggled in primary school trying to get all the lines and letters neat and each time I messed up.... I guess this is why I have given up on my writing and now I am thrilled to progress so quickly! I am delighted with this project! I do have a long way to go, but I am just reminding myself it is the journey that matters, not the destination!




Step 2








I joined Skillshare to find some motivation in my calligraphy practice, mostly attracted bythis course! I am beyond excited to be making progress with a fine nib pen!

At first it seemed so incredibly scratchy... I guess I am usd to smooth fountain pens... I am relieved that it has become easier to manage. I am so excited about this project andhave a thousand ideas and quotes to try out...




Step 1


Faith is seeing light with your heart when all your eyes see is darkness. - unknown author

This really spoke to me this week, with the days getting shorter and darker and life being uncertain... I think I just need a reminder to look into the light instead of staring into shadows... it is always a choice what to look at, as it is impossible to look at both at the same time...

This week I heard some sad news about a young man's suicide and this quote just came back to my mind... indeed his eyes only could see darkness... How sad that there was no light in his heart to keep him going...

Also a reminder of those dark days that I have thankfully left behind... I am a survivor of 10 years of depression... I am happy to proclaim that I am free! And ineed, seeing the light with my heart is the crucial difference between then and now...

So this is my wish for  everyone reading these words - to remember to see the light with your heart...


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