Susan Coleman

Creative Director



Seeing Deeply

As a creative director I often have to get an image that I have in my head into the head of the photographer I'm working with and then make Art together. I've been blessed over the years to work with amazingly talented individuals who made that effortless. I'm hoping by taking this class that I can find more insight into great portraiture and maybe even adapt skills I can use in my own personal work.

I chose the cover image of Christper Wahl because it represents looking and seeing more than what's there. To me that's what great photography does. It inspires a story by making you think, imagine, dream - creating great narative.

The images I posted are works of others that resonate with my sense of style and what I wished I could take myself. They are inspiring to me because they are often nuanced by the moment that you couldn't plan for or the the intimacy you didn't expect.

I love her work. period.

I've worked with Chris many times. The biker is from a shoot I directed.

Isabel's work is everything I love. Graphic. Series. Collage. Inventive (the top left image is a single shot)

When I see Eric Holubow's work it's so empty and full at the same time. I love that.

Art Sinsabaugh was my photography teacher in college. I learned a lot from him.

These are a few images from my Pin board that I've collected.

If I can make one image that even mimics any of the above, I'll be really happy.


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