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See the music, hear the dance


Lost my way the first time around with this project so taking on board Mary's advise to concentrate on the word DANCE this is what I'm up to:

The quote See the music, hear the dance is from the dancer and choreographer, George Balanchine. Balanching also said that Dancing is music made visible, so that might be another prject in the future. 


Dance, music, sound, listen, musical instrument, taps, musical notes, lines, treble, sound waves, tamboourine, castanets.

 Like this letter D, so I have that in the mind while working through the project;

Also like the notion of using a tambourine to illustrate the concept of seeing the music and hearing the dance:

Lettering warm-up


I agree that these thumnails are too messy and that I need to find a common link. So, moving forward I thought through the phrase more and then found this painting by Charles Blackman of a harlequin. I think I can make use of the some of the elements in the painting to connect the dots for my project.

Thinking around harlequin concept has brought me back to the source of the quote; George Balanchine and a crisper, sharper image.

This poster has given me an idea for the layout and I have ordered a copy of Emily Gregory's Little Book of Lettering to help me with the lettering.


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