See Ya Later Alligator | Skillshare Projects

Jennifer Hines

Illustrator and lettering artist



See Ya Later Alligator

I wanted to illustrate the rhyming quote See Ya Later Alligator. I wanted to mix typography styles but still make it fun and hand-drawn looking. The angled and textures from the alligator leather ended up as details on the letters. I really wanted to tuck the word Alligator along the alligator's back beneath the tail, but there just wasn't enough room and I didn't want to adjust the scale, so I decided to put the word Alligator benath the alligator instead. Would definitely do something like this again!




This is the inked version I did. I did the details on a different sheet so they wouldn't interfere with my letters. I didn't worry about the mess-ups since I knew I would fix those on the computer.


Here's my vectorized version with color, but very flat with no texture yet. I planned to apply a clipping mask to the triangle shapes for the word Alligator in Photoshop.


I brought the vector version into Photoshop and I created some hand-drawn textures using a light-box on top of my inked drawings. Then I applied it over top of my different layers.



And then finally, I added a background, did some painting in Photoshop to create more depth and texture, and all done!



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