Secrets Learned in Jerry Barnfield's YouTube Class

Secrets Learned in Jerry Barnfield's YouTube Class - student project

This class inspired me greatly.  Beside being very clear and concise in the delivery,  the video quality was excellent. (Sure would like to know what platform he used to create his videos).  As a result, I was inspired  to update my Youtube Channel description, banner revise my captions, annotations and general layout.  Additionally, I am now ask my visitors to help me reach 100,000 subscribers.  We can do it if we believe.

I have update my Oh Natural Aromatherapy Business Twitter Account banners as well. Banners should be kept current and I am now motivated to change them seasonally. We are also inviting visitors to our channel to subscribe, like, share and comment.  We want to engage with our audience.

Lastly, I have created a Patreon Page to invite our followers to support our efforts of live streaming tutorial video in on the subjects of Aromatherapy and Technology to help those unable to buy our paid training videos obtain our free versions.  We do this service to help other and not our selves.  But we too have to live and it tough when there isn't a income source from a job. There for I am also asking you my readers to please become a support of my efforts and become a patreon.  Click the button on my page and BECOME A PATREON.  You will be rewarded and given access to locked video training as they are released.  My latest video training is about how to use Canva for your Graphic Designing.


Secrets Learned in Jerry Barnfield's YouTube Class - image 1 - student project

As always, I appreciate the opportunity to interact with followers and subscribers.  Therefore I invite you to subscribe to my YouTube Channel - TechTALK Live and follow my blog at  or join me for my upcoming Canva class that starts on December 10th. at 10 am EST.  Only 8 places remaining. Contact me @techtalklive1 to join the class.

If you or someone you know is interested in Aromatherapy, I invite you to follow and subscribe to my Aromatherapy Channel where I share do it yourself recipes, tips and tricks to reach and maintaining your health and wellness goals.

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