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Julia Jankowska

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Secret plans to take control over the world

For some time I have been working on the handdrawn words/titles for the handsewn notebooks I make, but haven't been really satisfied with the output. Thanks to Mary Kate's class I was able to better understand the design process when it comes to lettering. I was doing it intuitively before and it didn't turn out the way I wanted. The class was a great help and I am pretty satisfied with the result!

This is how I started:


I was inspired by the theme of a treasure hunt and scouts badges/games.


I tried several different lettering ideas, not necessarily conected to the theme... Most of them turned out terrible, but I already had an idea what I want to get.


And those are my quick thumbnail sketches.


The first drawing.


And the first inked drawing. I have used an app called "White Screen" on my tablet instead of a lightbox :) Since I am doing this kind of project and work approach for the first time, the first inked drawing didn' turn out very well. Luckily, the second one is fair enough and I will be using it for the second part of this course :)


I already started watching the second part and inked this drawing according to Mary Kate's suggestions.

Thank you!


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