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Secret of nurturing great qualities in your child

Here we go.

My second class is published - "Secret" of nurturing great qualities in your child

and here is the link:


Here is the introduction video of my next class:

Secret of nurturing great qualities in your child

Full class will be published very soon.


Hello Friends,

This is Prabhat Mandal and I have been working with children and their parents for last 11 years and have been blessed to get tons of creative.ideas, especially around learning aids for children.

Here is my Fall publishing plan:

As the first class, Re-design your belief system for great parenting, is coming up very soon.

Intro video and there after full class will be published. Stay tuned !!!


For the August Teach Challenge 2016, I am going to talk about,

* How to design Jig Saw Puzzles in 1 min, for FREE !

* How to add difficulty levels

* How to enhance durability

Your child gets a NEW puzzle every day and remains excited about next day.

Stay tuned for further updates.


Here is the milestone planning and class structure:


Here is the link to published class:

please do take a look at it and leave a review along with sample project. thanks.


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