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Secret garden

Recently, I was forced out of my room for a longer while due to renovations in this city heat. Installment of a second window and repainting the walls sound better in theory than in real life. With nothing to do, I have taken up pressing wild meadow flowers from a field nearby creating small inspirational floral posters just for fun. So the following images in this project are supposed to illustrate my summer of 2015, spent in reading, drinking raspberry ice tea, and gluing flowers onto paper. Hopefully I showed the tenderness of the job (and my recent obsession with the colour purple). 

The word I would have chosen for the project is garden, as the print on the picture says "So plant your garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers". But the mood itself would have to be playful.

1. One hand picture

It is the beginning of the print making process.


2. Two hand picture

From all the images that I have taken with two hands, this is the only one that had the same dark, violet feeling and fitted in with the rest. My other hand is on the book, even though it's not exactly visible. 


3. Faceless self-portrait

This image focuses on that quiet moment when you take a break and breathe. 


Thank you for visiting my little project, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed the lessons from this class. Any feedback is welcomed. 

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