Secret Tribute and The Huntress

Secret Tribute and The Huntress  - student project

New Project - Step by Step to follow the Class -
The Huntress is currently at the end of the post

This project consists of a tribute poster, but I'll keep a secret of for who it will be until it is finished.

Step 1 - Drafts, sketches and such.

1 draft and 3 sketches were created, but I'll post only the last one that is currently being used. Normally when doing hand inked works I do a well polished sketch, but since this one is digital I did a more loose concept to go fixin along the progress. 

Secret Tribute and The Huntress  - image 1 - student project

Step 2 - Lines, organization of elements and base color. (WIP)

This step is in currently development, I'll be posting updates of it periodically, and when finished I'll advance to step 3, that'll gonna be the color work and the application of the class steps, also I'm gonna add the resource photos I'll be using to add the textures. 

Secret Tribute and The Huntress  - image 2 - student project


-Project finished before Class started. I'll keep it here for record. 

Last Update - 12/14/13

This project was finished this week, and it will be the first poster I'm gonna try to print by myself.Secret Tribute and The Huntress  - image 3 - student projectActually, I already work with shirt and poster designs, but since I'm opening my own shop and gonna start to hand print my stuff at home, I thought that would be awesome to learn more about the file processes with this class. 

3 colors on black paper.

-Update after DKNG tip on the paper- 

Reduced it to 2 colors on "Sahara Color Plus" paper! 

Suffered a slightly variation from the original, but all the colors are already separed on this one. 
Secret Tribute and The Huntress  - image 4 - student project