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Sara Carson

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Secret Life Of Hero

While we travel around North America I was thinking of capturing specials moments. 

Hero is a 4 year old Super Collie who gets to do some pretty neat things. His favourite thing to do is hangout in hotel rooms and we stay in way to many! For my photo project I was thinking of shooting some photos in hotel rooms we stay in.

I am shooting with a Canon 70D with some editing in lightroom and photoshop. I do have a degree in Graphic Design but tend to spend more time training dogs then actually photographing them!

Thanks for this chance to pull two of my passions together for this fun project! 

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Photo #1


This first one is from our weekend in Arkansas. A dog getting some breakfast in bed seemed like a cute idea!

Photo #2


We stayed in a hotel for a night in California. Honestly this dogs all time favourite thing to do is sleep with pillows! I think this photo shows off how comfortable and content he was!  

Photo #3

Hotel room fun with his new sister Marvel :) 



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