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Sekou J.

Founder/Owner of Secret Hymns



Secret Hymns/Music is My Brand

About Secret Hymns?

Secret Hymns is a brand that identifies the power and image that music has in society.  Everyone has his or her favorite music, band and or artist that they love to listen to because in some shape form or fashion the artist was able to connect with the listener in some way.  And that’s what Secret Hymns is, a brand that creates custom images that connect with the people.  All of our images tell a story that many people can look at and reflect upon or more importantly identify with.  Our images have a unique look and feel as each image looks like it was literally sketched onto the tee shirt.  So if the images seem to have a "rough and rugged" look that is by design.  We wanted the tee's to have a visual effect that looked like we free hand sketched the images.

Though we are a new and young brand we have a vision for our label that will encompass the emotion of music not only on tee shirts but also on accessories such as mugs, hats, clothing and many other items that we can manufacture.  Music is a way of life for our brand, and we intend to stay rooted on the premise of that which we love.  We at Secret Hymns have taken this slogan; “Music is My Brand” because music defines who we are.

The images that we have created such as the Village Victor logo tee pictured above are filled with a sense of realism that identifies with the most common person that walks the street everyday.  That is our goal at Secret Hymns, to create tee shirts that resonate with everyday people.


The introduction of SoHo Jones

The above image is that of SoHo Jones.  Have you ever been on a NYC train, walking down the street or simply sitting in a park when you've seen a character like SoHo Jones walking by and he's totally into his music?  I see this type everyday.


Many of my instagram followers took to the Sonya tee as soon as it was posted.  This particular tee resonates with many black girls and many have told me "I've always wanted to be a drummer".  The rythm of this image speaks volumes and tells a story that girls can rock the drums as good as anyone.


DJ DopeShoes on the top meets DJ JAZZmin on the bottom.  If it looks like our brand is celebrating females in music its because we are.  Although our brand is a brand that is and will target every gender, race and background, we at Secret Hymns wanted to show case women in music.  We are actually in the process of sending DJ DopeShoes a JAZZmin tee shirt.


Placing our marks on tee shirt's are just part of what we intend to do at Secret Hymns.  Our brand is now a way of life for us and the pricipal idea that we will follow is to "do more of what you love".  Music is our first live and is the foundation by which we live our lives.  Many more products to come, this is only the beginning.


In our packaging we have included Secret Hymns stickers for your "sticking pleasure".  These stickers along with our Crest is a perfect way to further promote our message of music and our brand.  This is an exciting time for our small company and we have the drive and determination to put together a brand that is fun but that sends a clear message of unity through music and our products.  Our goal is to be a "STAPLE" of the fashionable apparel world for many years to come.  God bless!


Just one more thing, here's a sneak peak of a CAD of our first official Victor Village logo fitted hats by our friends at Premier Fits....take a look!


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