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Secret Garden

2-Week Challenge:


1st Step: Moodboard

I thought of representing the spring through a secret garden full with colors, creative and interesting objects and the tools used to plant the seeds, just the way I secretly imagine the perfect garden...This secret garden is cheerful, mysterious and magical just like the one from the book and movie that inspired my childhood so much (I am still passionate about this story!). I am not a designer or anything professional, I am just trying to find myself, to make some art and have some fun. Hope I can improve my skills through these 2-week challenge and bring life to my romantic secret garden.

Next step: draw the pattern elements.

1st Project

This is my first pattern and I just did it for fun...Maybe now I woud choose other color palette (too much green i guess) but I think it is enough for a first attempt! Enjoyed myself very much doing this :)


I was not happy with the colors of my first project and I decided to make another version of my other pattern with dark background. 



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