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Bringing luxury to the urban community!

I make 100% bespoke duffle bags and leather paper bags. I start of with what the buyer wants what material they want leather mostly, what lining they are after and a few other bits and bobs but after a few weeks the bag has been sent out and everyones happy as can be. So yeah just trying to get this to kick off. Im working on a bag for myself to add to my collection at the moment it consists of moss green leather and burgundy and white polka dot lining.

This is part of the new collection next will be the duffle bag.

Leather paper bag, For condiments and all.

Duffle bag handle.


So with my duffle bags I'm thinking instead of giving the creator/customer the difficulty of coming up with a size of bag I'm going to make maybe 3 different sizes, instead of calling them medium, large and badass well I came up with the idea of naming them after the amount of money they can hold becuase whenever you think of a duffle bag or I know I do, i always think of robbing a bank becuase that's always the type of bag used so their would be.


"40k" (Small to Medium bag)

"60k" (Medium to large bag)

"100k" (extra Large bag)

 Please let me know your thoughts. 

Its come to my attention that the Leather Paper bags are more popular than the duffle bags so i might try and push that idea further to see where that goes.

Leather Paper bags im thinking £60 ($90) i dont know if thats to high or not but everything is hand made. Opinions please.

Duffle bags im thinking £180 ($270) but im not sure about any of that yet so please let me know your opinions.

Materials - The leather i use at the moment is very high quality and i will always use the best quality materials for any products. The linings always have a heavy canvas filler just to give the bag some shape and versatility.

Time - Like i've said before everything is hand made and if i make a mistake i will start again no matter how far into the project i am, something i hate about myself but makes me good at things is im a perfectionist and i cant stand to cut corners.

I searched "secret club business", "secret club brand", "secret club company" nothing about and business, brand or company came up so i guess thats clear, now just the domian to worry about. is already taken, well lets search again. is available but im not sure if i want a UK web address becuase i want secret club to be a world wide brand.

becuase is taken and isnt what im after i thought of where id like the workshop to be so i searched for secretclublondon and well its available.

Should i make the leather paper bags bespoke or just make them and see where they go?



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