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The idea

Secondista is an online shop for women who loves to buy luxury secondhand goods with cool styles and great qualities.

I grew up in a poor family where my parents just managed to give me food and education. When I started going to school, friends and even teachers told me things about my appearance such as why my shirts were so old with a yellow tone, why my pants were too large and long for my size, etc. So I started looking for ways to earn money to buy myself new clothes, comic books and for other hobbies. Since then, I tended to look for good deals, bargains and negotiate for the goods that I was going to buy everytime I could. Finding a dress that I love with great price always makes me thrilled. I feel like I did give myself a present. And everytime somebody gave me compliments about the way I dressed or asked me where I bought it made me happy.

Now that I am no longer a little girl, I understand that women need to love themselves more. They need to be pretty everytime they could. And since I am a family woman, cost is also a factor that decides whether I should buy something. And I found that buying secondhand goods is the answer for all my demands: stylish, unique and affordable.

That's why Secondista was born. Isn't it cool when you could be stylish effortlessly? And it is much cooler when you do not have to pay a fortune to have that look.


1. Background

Secondista is an online shop from France selling affordable, unique and quality secondhand goods for women around the world. Secondista strives for a friendly and great customer service. They will begin with secondhand bags.

2. Objective

To position Secondista brand so it could reflect its owner's style and reach more potential customers.

3. Target audience 

Women who love style that has a little touch of time and original, who want to enjoy great customer service, who love great finds but don't have time to find one.

4. Message

Bring cool, unique and quality secondhand goods with a great customer service to their customers.

5. Competition

Other online secondhand good websites: Vestiairecollective, Videdressing

6. Distinguishing characteristics

  • Cost effective: Direct sales from the shop to the customers. The customers don't have to pay for the commission of the sales on the goods like Vestiairecollective (33%) and Videdressing (10%). You don't have to pay a fortune to be a stylish woman
  • Authentic luxury goods (if they are from designers) with unique designs. 
  • Hand picked items from the owner herself. The owner is a former fashion stylist so she could blow a bit of style in her choice of goods
  • Great customer service: full package service to customers, free care for products purchased from her shop, you're not only buying a product but also a service
  • Eco-friendly (by selling and buying secondhand goods)

7. Creative considerations

  • Eco-friendly colors like green
  • Black and white

8. Tone

  • Feminine
  • Simple
  • Friendly
  • Original
  • Interesting
  • Luxury


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