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Secondary Marketing Solutiions

Secondary Marketing Solutions provides outsourced Secondary Marketing Services for Banks and Mortgage Bankers throughout the country.

We help clients:

1) Make the transition from selling loans from the Best Efforts (BE) channel to the Mandatory channel. We hold their hands and make the process much smoother, quicker and easier for them to understand. 

2) We train their staff to be in the in-house secondary marketing person or team. Our agreements typically run one to two years. If they want to keep us on, they can. The clients know, from the beginning, that it is a temporary relationship, if they want it to be.

3) We watch their cash-flow very closely. Many smaller mortgage bankers are terrified about getting margin calls or just having a negative cash month. While we can't always prevent those things from happening, we take a very proactive approach to managing their cash flow for the current and next month.

4) We only get paid a percentage of the additional net REALIZED profits that they make from going Mandatory. The clients do not pay us anything through the transition stage and only pay us a negotiated percentage once they start realizing the additional profit. We only get paid when they have a positive cash month and when they have a negative cash month, we have to make up any net cash losses before we get paid the month after. If the client does not make money, we don't make anything.


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