Second time...victory!

First of all, thank you, Kristen, for the wonderful instructional videos.  They were very helpful.  The learning curve has been steep but I think this is going to work for me.  I purchased 'natural' almond flour, not realizing until 5 pounds (and several dollars) later that 'natural' meant unblanched.  No worries as I sifted the almond flour and powdered sugar mixture twice.  Most of the almond skin was removed though there are a few bits showing in the final shells.  They taste delicious so I don't think it is a problem other than it looks like bits of chocolate in the cookie.  My second problem was with the sugar syrup.  It turned a caramel color before reaching 244*; I think it was the themometer.  Second batch of Italian meringue was perfect using a new thermometer.  I used peppermint oil (about a teaspoon) to flavor the meringue shells and will use a dark chocolate ganache for the filling.

Several questions:  How do I get more of the hot syrup into the egg white and less that ends up splattered to the sides of the bowl of the mixer?  Any tips for piping out a consistent amount onto the baking sheets?  Fortunately most of mine found a 'mate' in the end.  Finally, can you double the recipe to make a double batch at one time?  Thanks again...really looking forward to seeing more projects and hearing how to make fabulous flavors like Earl Grey and Salted Caramel.


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