Second project

Second project - student project

I had the roughest time working with music.  Fro some reason, and I still don't get it, I was unable to add any music slip from the Jingles folder or any other music folder for that mater.  All I was able to do is use the sound track of the existing clips and try to work with them which was not very satisfactory.  

I will also miss the Sunday night Live Evwent so I will need to ask questions aome other way.

Here is my clip for now,

I will improve it early next week once I figure out the sound issue.

Second project - image 1 - student project


I was interersted in a regular interval edit of interviews with an overlay of carving. I did adjust the sound levels since Dan's was too quiet and the crving tools too loud.

I also like Kevins aha moment so I placed last.

Second project - image 2 - student project

I had some more time to play with FCP and did two more cuts.

One is a night time version

Second project - image 3 - student project


One is a whole day version from set up to night time party.

Second project - image 4 - student project

and a revised version of the last one with more intergration of day and night

ps. never used Final Cut Pro before, my only attemps at editing have been in iMovie.

Laszlo Kiss

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