Second cut of Manayunk Ice Festival cut - MILESTONE

Second cut of Manayunk Ice Festival cut - MILESTONE - student project

Here is my extended "added personality" video:

Answers to the questions: 

 1. An opening title - yes, not immediate though

2. A soundtrack - yes, but not royalty free clip...  

3. Interview footage with a lower third of the talent's name and title - yes, used all three persons - I looked up their names on the internet

4. Properly leveled audio clips - yes, but I had to do it in protools - the audio on a professional level is somewhat unuseable bc of wind but what the hell... I tried to throw music over it but if you tried to filter out the wind it started to make the voice sound tinny and it was hard to match the background ambience so I felt it was better to leave it in there

5. An effect placed on one or more of your clips - I didn't quite get to this... 

6. One transition whether it's a simple cross dissolve or a bloom I also want you to briefly explain your process in a sentence or two. - yes, I really liked the transitions - I used one type in the first part (directional blur) and another (color, bloom) in the bonfire sequences 

Did you use a secondary storyline or a compound clip? If so, why? - I believe I used a secondary storyline to break-up the longer interviews/scenes to get more info in the project... 

How did you find editing audio levels? Were effects more of a help on hindrance? I had to export into Protools bc I found it hard to edit all of the audio together with any type of precision in fcp x - the audio features are not great - I found it hard to add foley and bits easily 

I would've like to use royalty free music but I didn't have enough time and I already had something in mind... 


I'm a sound person - this was definitely a stretch as I kept thinking about the story in audio terms and what I would do with the audio to make the story coherent which probably might not translate properly...

Link on vimeo:

Here is a screenshot: 

Second cut of Manayunk Ice Festival cut - MILESTONE - image 1 - student project