Second Worksheet Piece --Lesson 3 exercise

Second Worksheet Piece --Lesson 3 exercise - student project

Lesson 3 | Top-Funnel Exercises

Top-funnel content introduces people to your brand. The goals of a top-funnel content piece are primarily awareness, engagement, and lightweight commitments (small actions).


In completing these exercises, put yourself in the shoes of your target audience and imagine the idyllic, 6-star way in which they should discover your brand through content.


If your product can be the answer to one or more common questions, which ones?


  1. How do I deal with critics in my family?
  2. How can I continue AP after babyhood?
  3. What ‘works’ if time-out, praise, bribes, etc., are out?

Does your product or service change the lives of customers in profound ways?


  1. My parent coaching has made families more peaceful and connected around the world
  2. My parent coaching shows parents how their kids are real people, with valid concerns and preferences, so they can have deeper relationships from infancy to adulthood
  3. Parents (and me!) experience insights that make our hair stand on end, goosebumps and create profound and lasting change for their families

Do your customers regularly compare you to your competitors before making a decision?


  1. Other parenting ‘experts’ may be advising parents to abuse their children as they were abused
  2. Other parenting ‘experts’ don’t use the latest or best science to support their advice, or how to treat children as real people
  3. Other parenting books give techniques and tips that may work ‘in the moment’ but cause long-tail problems that assure parents will keep coming back, paying more, and staying just-frustrated-enough to spend a LOT of money

Which of your competitor’s pieces receive the most shares/likes/comments?


  1. Sleeping through the night
  2. Controlling kids and making them ‘listen’ (obey)
  3. Quick tip answers to very, very complex problems, or assurances that there are 10 easy ways to stop kids from being individuals with preferences, emotions and their own humanity

Second Worksheet Piece --Lesson 3 exercise - image 1 - student project

This material is SO valuable!! I can't believe you have fewer than 30 students for this course unless it is less than a week old. I've recommended this course already twice... and I haven't got to the 4th lesson yet. Thank you, Stanley --you are amazing!