Second Time


I will be completing one year in Zion enterprise as operation manager handling their business operation for west zone. Zion had their office in suburb Mumbai which was around 1 km from where I stayed it was about few minutes’ walk from my home. Today as 25th April 2017 will be my last day at Zion, I had resigned from my position one month back they had the policy of one months’ notice period. Because of certain office politics and having no growth of my career I decided to quit. I had enjoyed working here and made great friends such as Abhishek, Rohit, Diya and Suvarna. The last day at Zion was of mix feeling but I will surely remember the time spent here. After the farewell dinner while leaving to home from the restaurant Rohit asked when I am going to join B.R Corporation where I have landed a job from the reference of Rohit’s friend as Senior operation Manager, to that I said on 1st May. I was very thankful of Rohit for the reference of his friend because of that I got that job easily. I had five days of free time before I joined B.R Corporation and I used it to relax went to my hometown near Pune. On 30th April I came back from my hometown ready to join a new company tomorrow.


At 8 am I left from my home as B. R’s office was about 12 km away from home it was around 30 to 40 minutes’ drive and Kavita was not happy with that because of increased travel time to work. I and Kavita were together in relationship from past 8 years I had met her during my college time, but she was not from my college we had common friend Dipesh on his birthday party at restaurant we met first time. It was Kavita who liked me and approached me but at that time I was not interested and said her no. After one and half’s years’ time she had approach me many times at last I said yes but I was never sure about it but her persistence made me to say yes and we were in relationship from than on. I left for office after 35 minutes I reached their and did my joining formalities with HR it took me around 45 minutes, then HR manager Kirti Introduce me to the whole team and then showed me my desk in operation department which consisted of three employees myself, Ashwini and Dhiraj. After a brief introduction of mine with other team members in department I started to work. Ashwini had responsibility to familiarised me with day today working and Operation of the company. The day went by and after finishing my days work, I went back to home where Kavita was there as she had come to visit me. Kavita asked me about my day at office and then I told her everything after that we went for dinner in nearby restaurant after having dinner Kavita went back to her place. Few months passed by and now I am very well versed with the working of my new company in this Ashwini helped me a lot.


On 15th June there was team dinner arranged at this dinner me and Ashwini sat close to each other everyone busy with their drinks and dancing on the floor but we both were enjoying our chit chat from that day onwards we became good friends. After that dinner party me and Ashwini would hangout very often and sometime, I would drop her to her place which was on my route. This friendship grew and we became best friends. On August 18th boss called a meeting for all employees there he said from last two years performance of the company was great and turnover of the company has increased by 50% and he was very happy about it. In that meeting it was announced there would a team outing to Kerala for four days. Everyone was excited about it and the day came the employees were ready and excited for the trip. We reached Kerala through morning flight then we took a pre booked bus by company to our hotel where all arrangements were done for us. It was very nice resort on the backwaters of alleppey of Kerala which was very famous for its backwaters. Incidental Ashwini room was next to mi we both we very happy and enjoyed the team outing.


On third day after a dinner & cocktail party everyone was tried and went back to their room. I stayed back to see the beautiful backwaters which can been seen from the resort and clear black sky with stars. From childhood only I was very fascinated with stars and would always watch the in nights when ever I got time. It felt like mediation for me whenever I watched starts at night. After some time, Ashwini came there and asked me “Ajay what happen what are you seeing? Then I told her about my fascination with stars. Ashwini also stay back there we had long talk and how hours passed by we didn’t realise. Ashwini was sitting very close to me and that I didn’t realised until she held my hand then I turned my face towards her my eyes contacted her eyes I don’t know what happened to me but somehow I was fully forgot about everything and was lost in her eyes. At that time, I realised the relationship of ours has crossed the barrier of friendship. At that moment Ashwini shared her feeling towards me and I was shocked to hear it but did not had any answer for that.


Ashwini was very beautiful girl she was very understanding, caring and somehow, I felt a connection with her but due to my relationship with Kavita, I never thought of this. But at that moment even I got to know about my real feelings for Ashwini, but I did not share this with her. After what she said to me, I told her “Ashwini, I respect your feeling but as you know I am already in relationship with Kavita this can never happen. After hearing me she said that “ I just shared my feeling with you I don’t know why this happened now but I had feeling for you from quite some time, I know we can’t be together but today I shared what I felt for you. Even I knew what she felt for me from before but neglected it do not know why. May be somewhere I to Felt same for her. My relationship with Kavita was good but I never felt the same thing what I felt for Ashwini. This is because Kavita was the one who was very keen on relationship and I said yes because she was always asking me for it. After Kavita’s lots of effort I said yes to her. But right now, at this moment I am in dilemma what is right for me or not. After that Ashwini left to her room and there I was standing and thinking now what? This was a very difficult situation for me now I am totally confused and shattered.