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London Dewey

Designer & Illustrator




I am really excited for this project. Illustration from the 40's through the 60's is my all time favorite. I recently came across some old Andrew Lomis books and I have been going through Fun with a Pencil page by page, so when I saw this class I got really excited.

I love how geometric everything is, but organic at the same time. You almost never see a straight line and the style feels so optimistic.

My Pintrest board fom this project can be found here:

I chose Seattle as my city, not only because I live here, but also because all of the iconic elements of the city already feel very atomic era (probably because most of them are from the 1962 World's Fair).

The challenge will be to create something that isn't really obvious or expected.

****Unit 2

I am really stuggling witn choosing the landmarks I want to illustrate. Seattle is so full of iconic, fun and intesting places. I would like to choose something that anyone can recognize, but I would also like to include some local flavor into the illustation as well. Here is a Pinterest board of Seattle landmarks and oddities:

I've started sketching some of the landmarks I may want to include. I have decided I want to make my postcard a christmas one. Every year, Macy's (formally the Bon Marche) hangs a giant sputnik looking star on the front of the building and there is a tree constructed from light orbs. I am using these two elements as inspiration for the illustration.



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