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Tim Z.

Chief Operating Officer



Seattle Weekend

- First ride on the Seattle light rail into downtown
- Drink at random bar for a beer to avoid traffic
- Order at a pink restaurant called Paseo in Ballard
- Ordered the best cuban pork sandwich I've EVER had... (the onion, the pork, absolutely delicious) - to go
- Sunset at Golden Gardens park with Steve and the best cuban pork sandwich I've EVER had + beer in an ice chest (nice touch)
- Grabbed a couple of drinks at a local spot Latona Pub
- Had some great whiskey with a homemade vodka soaked cherry

- Early 8:30 boxing class (awesome start)
- Brunch with fresh veggies from Steve's garden, mimosas, poached eggs, and potatoes
- Headed to some random bar before the Sounders game
- Watched my first live Sounders soccer game at Century Link Field (Sick stadium)
- Went to Pike Place Market
- Visited the gum wall
- Saw the first Starbucks ever established
- Had a late lunch at SeaTown SnackBar (Amazing Oyster Stew and Cold Noodles)
- Saw some artistic structures (took a picture on top of a roof)
- Napped
- Went to Gasworks park to watch the sunset (this was at like 9pm... sun sets late in Seattle)
- Ate a pastrami and chicken wings at Skillet Diner (Learned about Gingham vs Plaid)
- Went to Cha Cha and played some "Shoot em Bucks (Don't shoot the cows!)
- Finished off with a nice cocktail at Tavern Law

- Woke up with a nice "Shot in the dark" at Zoka
- Strolled around the lake
- Wandered up to a random basketball tournament (Battle on the Lake!!!)
- Went Kayaking on Washington lake(with a rudder)
- Had some delicious nachos next to the Kayak place
- Biked to the local convenient store to grab some local Rainier Beer
- Watched the 3pm Championship game at Battle on the Lake!!!
- Fixed (Learned crostini vs bruschette)
- Went to Mercer Island
- Learned how to make pan fried salmon at an amazing lake house
- Watched a brother/sister combo (Sally) bet $50 on if it was cooler or warmer at nights compared to the year before.

- Visited the Space Needle
- Visited the Chihuly Museum (Great Glass Museum)
- Road the light rail back and bye bye Seattle


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