Season : Enjoy The Weather

Season : Enjoy The Weather - student project

Preface: Sorry for my tardiness! I am a super late comer here, it's been a hectic couple of weeks.

SEASON | Enjoy the weather iOS App

Knowing the weather is great, knowing what to do with it is even better. Seasonal living is all about knowing what to do when the weather is right. Delightfully tasty Pea Tendrils are one of the most seasonal cultivars to sprout in your garden or land in a farmer's market crate, the best pea tendrils can only be enjoyed for two weeks during the year. How do you know when that two week window is? Season not only tells you the daily forecast, but it also tells you what is in season. Know what to look for at your farmer's market, what to plant, when to harvest and where to explore in order to catch the best of the local foilage before the opportunity disappears for another year.

Information Structure:

1st tier: current weather, location, daily high/low & five day forecast

2nd tier: Seasonal fruits, veggies and florals. Planting recomendations. Activity recomendations.

3rd tier: Farmer's almanac: look up the weather history for your location

Features: Create a list of saved locations.

Target User:  Men and Women (mostly women) mid 20's to Mid 40's

Says: "I love to shop Farmer's Markets, but don't always know what is best at the time or in season. I like to garden but have trouble remembering what I should plant and when. I love to bring the outdoors in with fresh floral arrangements, Peonies are one of my favorites...I wonder what other seasonal florals I am missing out on? The weather is perfect, I can't decide if I should go hiking in Franklin Canyon, or drive out to the Poppy Fields...when do those bloom again?"

Mastered the art of: Home-made Lemon Curd and Shortbread cookies, Hand-Stuffed Sausages and pickled peppers.

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Visual Inspiration: Organic graphics, watercolor textures, crafty but clean typography. Inspired by vintage of fruit crate labels without being derivative.

WEEK 1 Sketches:

Season : Enjoy The Weather - image 1 - student project

Season : Enjoy The Weather - image 2 - student project

Season : Enjoy The Weather - image 3 - student project