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Hilary Milne




Seaside rock pools

I have never done anything like this before. I thought the lessons were amazing - so full of information. I think I will have to do the course again! My instinct was to do flowers, but it is such a common theme, that I chose to do shells instead. Here are my sketches of some British shells. I had some real shells and some photos to work from.


My first efforts which included a razor shell, were too regular for my liking. The razor shell was too obvious, and different from the other shells. It was intrusive, so I removed it and finalised my design by including the word seashore. 


The best bit was playing with the colour schemes - doing that randomly in AI is awesome, so that you come up with schemes you would never have considered!

I absolutely love what I have created and cannot believe it is all my own work! I have printed this onto fabric so that I can make myself some pouches and a case for my glasses. I feel like the sky is the limit now. Perhaps the starfish is a bit cartoon like, and at a later date I will draw one more realistically.

Thank you SO much! I am totally smitten now with pattern design!



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