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Seaside Splendors

Hiya all! I was so excited to see this class pop up on Skillshare, as I enjoyed the first pattern class I took here. I love Bonnie's work and style, and the lessons have been excellent so far :-)

I'm lucky enough to be located minutes from the beach, and I've always had a beach-town, laid back attitude, so I chose "Seaside Splendors" as my phrase and theme for this. (It was REALLY hard to NOT choose a Jimmy Buffett line, but I always do that, and it's time to change it up! :-P ) 

I went for a little photo walk today to gather some source material, but since it was pretty gray out, I also threw some photos I took recently, when it was sunny.

Here are some mood boards:

Sourcing colors from photos is always interesting to me. Sometimes the palette turns out the way I expect it to, and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes, I end up really liking a palette from a photo that didn't particularly thrill me, so I decided to randomly sample colors from some of the source images. My [current] favorite is shown below, but that may totally change once I start digitizing!

I know we're supposed to "write" out our phrase, but I have ugly handwriting, so I drew it (With help from the lettering classes I've taken on Skillshare in the past). :-)

Some sketches: (These were harder than I thought!)

I inked some of the sketches, and may go back and ink the rest as well. I've used the Live Trace feature in Illustrator for hand-lettering projects, but I'm looking forward to trying the Blob Tool (love that name!) to trace some of the sketches as well. 


Here are my digitized illustrations, in Illustrator. They're just placed randomly on an artboard for now. I may still play with the colors and general look of each item. I also may get rid of all the pure black shapes. I think the contrast is too stark. Maybe I'll use a darkish gray instead. 

After two long work trips, I was finally able to return to my pattern project! :-) I started with the main beach pattern, and then created a few supporting patterns using the same colors and illustrations:

I also colored the Seaside Splendors lettering:


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