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Seaside Merchant

I have this little fantasy world I've been creating on and off in my free time. In short, it's has elves and fae-like creatures, the technology is influenced by "magitek", and Gods and Goddesses are very real. I've discovered that while I have general ideas for themes, I've done little to flesh out the rest of the population of some of the races. For this project I chose to focus on one, the Sea-Elves; what would the guards be like? The merchants? The dock-workers, the fishermen? I saw this as a good opportunity to start designing ideas in a different method than I use, and chose to focus on merchants.

To help spur ideas for my thumbnails, the main keywords I tried to keep in mind were: Crescent shapes, sweeping shapes, smooth curves, puffy, seaside influence. ...Though I might have drifted a bit away from that.

After receiving some feedback from classmates, I'm happy they found the silhouettes that stood out to me most did the same for them! :) I decided to chop down to 4 and refine them a bit before work!

This gave me an opportunity to show more of the culture int heir clothing. For men and women alike, it is fine to show skin above the waist, though any below the waist is considered indecent! Thus, the long pants, robes and wrapped legs. Women cover their chests if they choose to- it's more of a fashion statement! I figured that the merchant women would cover themselves up more, perhaps use it as a platform to sell their wares if they sell jewelry or fabric.


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