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Here is my progress to this very good lesson.

A- first step the thumbnail i choose in black and white

B- start to paint on a new document from scratch

C- Add some colours from reference photos and define a source of 

light .

D- Initiate details painting and add more foreground

E- Here is the texturing pass

F- Light and effect: i decided to change the source of light, i think it's more dramatic like this, juste 1 video left :).

G- final details and magical effects (i liked this video a lot)

And this is my final result, hope you guys like it.

Thank you very much for this very good lesson Jonas, i learned a lot, now i have a new workflow ans very good technics of lightning and detailing texture.

You are a very good teacher and this is the best lesson in skillshare i have done, i hope you will do others lessons.

If you have any suggestions to help me, don't hesitate ;) thank you again, and thank you Jonas a lot for this course.

Hello guys Jonas left me some feedbacks, thanks a lot for him, so i made some changes.

I darkened the fog, added some details for scale and scaled the sky.

Also i tried aversion with an other sky what do you think? Hopes you will like it.

First sky

Second sky


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