Searching for new focus

Searching for new focus - student project

Greetings to all.

My name is Deborah FitzGerald. I am a retired art teacher, searching for my new focus. I have recently moved to a new area and have just begun finding the arts scene here.


I have always been an artist first, drawing, painting and fine art craft is in my blood. So my blessing and curse is I love them all. I am also a natural teacher and love to share ideas and techniques.


My goal in this workshop was to help me to refocus on me and my work again. As a military wife, I started over many times with my art but once I started teaching my focus changed some. I have always wanted to make a living from my art work and abilities. I had once many moons ago started an art business way before all the digital avenues of today. This class has been a way to jump start that business again with new goals and paths.


I have illustrated several books for a self publishing company. I love portraiture of people and animals.

I also love bookmaking. I have a series that I have been creating on over a few years titled” conversations over coffee” I collage, paint, draw and write in this series. I also have an abstract painting series about “love” that I hope to begin creating new works to add to it.


I will be going through my info from this class a few more times to refine my goals and begin my website and update portfolio.


I have not published my website yet and am working on how to start using my instagram for art more, while learning to balance a retired life with my husband and two greyhounds.



this is my site for my illustration work at the self publishing  company.


this is my instagram:


this video was made by a visitor to my master's exhibition


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