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Seanwes Community Family Crest

I have a pretty normal and most of the time, boring family. We were never a big family, we never made reunions or got together constantly, so I didn't have much to say about them. Anyway, I still love them the way they are.

Right now, I have a kind of a family inside a community called Seanwes Community. A place where like-minded people share their knowledge, mistakes and fears, to discuss and improve on a daily basis.

To create this crest I used some elements common in the chat. The community is huge and people are usually entering and leaving chat so it's common to use :wave: for a waving hand emoji. We also use the :fist: for when we receive great tips or advices. The :fire: is used when the topic has many directions, replies or even when someone rants about something. I can't forget the :lambo: emoji. It's a specific emoji from the chat that uses the lambo illustration created by Sean for a podcast of his network called Lambo Goal.









For the Typography, I used Tisa Pro, a Typeface similar to the one he Seanwes uses in all his projects.

The colors(blue and grey) are the colors used in the forum and community chat.

With those things chosen, I started to work on the crest and this my result so far. My biggest problem was to simplify the Lambo illustration.



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