Jimmy Chorng




Sean's Headshot

One of my favorite lenses for the past few years has been the Canon 85mm f/1.8 USM (listed in the gear section). It's not super pricey and it's a good prime lens. I feel that when you transition to using prime lenses, especially ones longer than 50mm, your shooting becomes much more intentional.

The photo below started out as a friend needing headshots, but they were all too moody for professional use. Regardless, it was fun to shoot.


There was a china ball suspended directly above Sean, and on the ground behind him aimed at the wall was one of those portable LED lights that typically mount to a hot shoe. This combination created the vignette.

I would've preferred if I had Sean scoot his head back just a tad, because I think this lighting highlights his nose which wasn't my intention. I do like that you can barely see the whites of his eyes.


I shot this all manual, wide open at f/1.8, shutter speed of 1/640th of a second. That didn't allow for a lot of light without bumping up ISO to 3200, but with the 5D I'm okay with going that high up because I think it handles grain well.


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