Seal in a Kelp Forest & Orca

Seal in a Kelp Forest & Orca - student project

Thank you, Melinda for a wonderful class.

I have always wanted to paint these types of watercolour and ink paintings so when I saw your class I was extremely happy.

I really liked your lesson on colour info as it is really going to help me in future artworks. 

Each step was very easy to follow, making the painting process such a nice experience. 

Even though I have only done one artwork today, I am thinking of doing more and more of these artworks in the future.

For the final artwork, I drew seals instead of sea turtles as it reminded me of the time when I used to live in Nanaimo BC and I went diving in the kelp forest and saw seals.

By the way, I loved visiting Gabriola island.  You live in such a beautiful place!


1. Seals in a Kelp Forest

Seal in a Kelp Forest & Orca - image 1 - student project


2. Orca in Coastal waters


Seal in a Kelp Forest & Orca - image 2 - student project