Seahorses - student project

Seahorses - image 1 - student projectSeahorses - image 2 - student project

Below is one more seahorse. My last seahorse really wanted to be pink. She started off fine, and the seagrass was fun, but then... challenges and attempts to fix her. I stuck here out of sight in my creative journal, wrote a critique about all of the skills I needed to work on. Then I took the class in Creative Play by Yasmina, another excellent teacher on Skillshare.

So, here, without such harsh self-judgment, is Pink Seahorse, weeks after I finished this wonderful class in which I learned so much. Pink Seahorse really wanted to have a presence despite the interference white I used on the muddy flowers to try to paint over them and all the weird stuff that happened. In fact, you may see a pink blur around the seahorse which was deliberately done with a sponge to soften some edges! Also, I combined the splatters from the first exercise, mostly to distract from boo-boos, and I sponged on some blue for the water, again, another cover-up. 

I'll quite likely be doing more seahorses in the future! Such inspiration from this class! Thanks so much, Daniela Mellen, also the inspiration behind my social-distancing journal!

Seahorses - image 3 - student project