Seahorses from Hell | Skillshare Projects

Carly Jayne

Eat to live, live to eat.



Seahorses from Hell

I forced myself to draw three pages of seahorses and came up with this sketch that is sideways here for some reason.  I liked how the tail merged with the seaweed and it almost mimics a horse standing up in it's hind legs. I'm sure that has name. I also thought maybe I can duplicate the horse and make the seaweed/leg shapes intertwine.


It turned out looking way more "mortal combat meet Rorchach's test"  than I expected, like i would never willingly design anything like this on purpose. Blame the kids and the exhaustion. I see weird crab eyes, a pelvis, a wish bone. fallopian tubes..all kinds of things in this image. None of which anyone would desire as a logo. 


The textured backdrop ifor mood. Sleep now. Thanks.



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