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Seafood Hub Logo


This is also a departure from the original assignment, but I have wanted to make a logo for an imaginary Seafood Hub in my town for a long time.

(A seafood hub would be a spin-off of a food hub, an emerging business type that helps small farmers aggregate, market and sell their products. Since I live in Alaska, working with small fishing boats to do the same service would be a huge boost for the community.) I used to work at an economic development center when somebody came to us with this idea. I got really excited about it, but unfortunately the clients didn't follow up with us and I don't know if the project is still going; still, I love the concept, so this is my little form of feeling involved in it :)


It only made sense to have salmon be the central image, since they are such a large part of Alaskan seafood, economy, identity and symbolism. To make the concept more dynamic and associate it with strenght and perseverance, the name Upstream Food Hub came to mind. 



I gathered some images for research and organized them on this Pinterest board. I needed some pictures of waterfalls and fish jumping in the wild, since my first few sketches looked a bit strange and unnatural. Looking at the original animals rather than illustrations helped. 

The rest of the board is other logos and illustrations that included fish, illustrations of moving water, and some sea-themed typography.


I was particularly taken with this one:


Brainstorming and Sketching 


I could have probably done many more experiemental sketches, but I felt pretty attached to my first drawing and decided to explore it with more detail to see what could come off it. After studying these typface examples...



...this is what I came up with.


Perhaps I'll adjust the letters, since I'm not too happy with the case mixture in "Upstream," I just couldn't think of another way to fill up that space after the 'e.'

Anyway, it's time to vectorize! I'll post more updates soon. 

Please tell me what you think, all feedback is welcome!


September 8th, 2015 Update

Finally!! Took me like a month, but the first round of vectorization is done! I still gotta work out some color variations, but please tell me what you think! Is it too complex for a logo? 



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