Taís Godoy

"Everything you can imagine is real." -Picasso



Seadragon-Fish Hybrid

So, I don't have my scanner here with me, therefore the picture is a little bad.

I started with a few sketches, nothing that had the beginning of a life at least, and then I realized I was already doing more than the sketch on the sketch, and I went for the drawing itself.
I always loved seahorses, I have another work (completely different media) with the same theme, and I really couldn't take their image out of my head, so I gave it a shot, modifying it just a little bit. So, instead of having seahorses, I have seadragons. I went for an aquatic creature, those things that also look like part of a clothing around her neck are actually gills.

First I thought it would be creatures in general, not manga style, which I never do. I actually can't even remember if I have drawn them before, but I really liked doing it for the first time! It was really nice and simple. I had to Google a little bit for hair, mouth and nose, but I think it came out pretty good! I didn't do the shading like it was taught on the video, but that's because I got too excited and when I saw, I already had a lot of realistic shading going on, so I just kept it. I really loved it like that tho.

Anyway, thanks for your class, Camilla!



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