Sea jewels

Sea jewels - student project

1.Pencil study - The petals were tricky! It tested my patience. I loved using my fingers to smudge, and using eraser to make white petals.

Sea jewels - image 1 - student project


2.Black and White 

Sea jewels - image 2 - student project


3. Colour study -  I was amazed at how much I couldn't remember the details of the photo. Doing this piece made me realise it's time to hit the art shop to get good water colour paper..! 

Sea jewels - image 3 - student project


4. Image "Full"  - Full of hope 

Sea jewels - image 4 - student project


5. Image inspired from beach camping trip. Many kinds of seaweeds and shells looked like jewels. After I painted with water colour (on good water colour paper this time), I put some shades of blue etc with Procreate which I started to experiment with. 

Sea jewels - image 5 - student project

Emi Yoshitome

Japanese artist in Melbourne Australia